August Strindberg was mainly known as a writer, but he was also a radical painter for his time. He viewed the landscape of his native Sweden as a reflection and metaphor for his own churning emotions and his diverse compositions of waves, rocks and skies done in different color palettes and moods can be interpreted as self-portraits.

He painted intensively for limited periods, often in the wake of some psychological crisis. He had a good knowledge of the craft of painting but did not model his style on any other artist. He worked with a limited number of subjects: sea-scapes, angry seas, threatening waves or deserted beaches with a solitary flower in the foreground. Today his paintings are much admired. About 130 of his paintings have been identified.

What: Paintings of A.Strinberg

Where: at the museum/house of A.Strinberg, in Stockholm

When: 9/5/2017