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«Just as women’s bodies are softer than men’s their understanding is sharper»

(Christine de Pisan)

Christine de Pisan, (born in 1364, in Venice) was a prolific and versatile French poet and author, the first female author, and poetess.

Her diverse writings include numerous poems of country love, a biography of Charles V of France and several works championing women.

She was the daughter of an Italian doctor (Tomasso de Pizzano) who served as personal astrologer to King Charles V of France. At the age of five she moved to Paris with her family and changed her name to Pisan. Athe age of 15, she married Etienne de Castel, who,  died from a plague some years later.

Christine de Pisan became the first woman in France to earn her living as a writer.

She is mostly remembered for her revolutionary works on women. In Epistre au dieu d’amour (1399), she explored the status of women within society and critiqued their depiction in literature. With La cité des dames (1405), which is considered to be one of the first feminist texts, de Pisan profiled leading female figures from history and advanced the idea of gender equality. She continued to espouse the rights of women in Le livre du trésor de la cité des dames (1405). Both of these feminist books were later translated into English.

During the last years of her life, de Pizan entered a convent in Poissy, France. She wrote a little while at the convent. In 1429, she penned a work to praise Joan of Arc which proved to be her final contribution to literature.

De Pisan died at the convent around 1430.

Where: in the book «Frauen die schreiben leben gefahrlich»and on the internet

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